Looking at a regular oven versus a convection oven, they look and operate almost the same.  Food is placed inside the oven on a metal rack while a heating element below the rack heats up the inside of the oven.  The major difference between the two is that the convection oven also has a fan located below the heating element that circulates the air all around the food being cooked.  A regular oven has no fan, so the hot air sits below the food resulting in uneven cooking and even burning. You can find some delicious convention oven recipes at RecipeZote.com

The inner housing of a convection oven is a large enclosed space in which the food in place into.  Most inner housings include one or two metal racks to place your food on.  Some models even include a rotisserie rack giving you the best option to cook all your meats.  Convection ovens operate at a lower temperature and can cook in a shorter amount of time, which results in less food shrinkage.  This means more food can be cooked at one time, and more food is left when the cooking is done.  The best convection oven come in a wide variety of size. They can be as small as a microwave that can fit on your countertop, or as large as a regular oven.Convection oven

Traditional ovens feature one heating element that sits on the bottom of the inner housing, whereas a convection oven has heating elements on the bottom, top, and read of the inner housing.  These three heating elements combined with the fans work together to provide the optimal heat to give you the best cooking results.  Now no matter where you put your food on the racks in will turn out perfect every time.

The fan inside the convection oven is also called an impeller.  An impeller is a type of cylindrical fan that blows the hot air throughout the inner housing of the convection oven.  These impellers work by allowing air into the oven and then blowing it throughout the inner housing.  The impellers come in a variety of sizes for various models of convection ovens, but they all work the same.

A convection oven is a must have for any serious cook.  Lower cooking temperatures save energy, and in the long run will save you money.  Don’t forgot they also cook faster, which will save you time! You might also be interested in skillets and griddles.