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The First Important Things You Must Know Before you Wear Contact Lenses

Nowadays just about everybody can wear contact lenses, and there are more healthy and convenient contact lens choices than ever before. Contact lenses are medical devices designed to nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Even tough glasses are still fashionable more and more people prefer to wear contact lenses instead of them. Nowadays there is a wide range of cosmetic and special effect lenses without visual correction. These contact lenses are meant to cause a drastic change in one’s appearance.

If you have never worn contact lenses before, the first step you have to make is to see an eye doctor and get a prescription for contacts. In 2004 legislation went into effect giving all U.S. consumers the right to a copy of their contact lens prescription. This way contact lenses can be purchased at local optical stores, opticians or why not, through the internet.

When buying lenses over the internet some advice should be considered:

  • never buy or order contact lenses with an expired prescription
  • make sure the site is reliable and the products are of good quality
  • if you receive other brand or a different prescription than the one ordered return the product for a refund.

There are different types of contact lenses , classified in many different manners.

According to their constructional material contact lenses can be of three types. The most common were the hard lenses but soon the soft and RGP or “oxygen permeable” lenses have overtaken it. Lately, new silicone hydrogel contact lenses have been introduced to the market.

Many eye care practitioners are now using these types of lenses, because they allow more oxygen to pass through the lens to the eye, and they are less inclined to dehydration. According to the length of time a contact lens can be used, there are daily, monthly and extended wear contact lenses.

Daily lenses must be removed nightly and they are said to be healthier than extended wear ones that can be worn overnight, usually for seven days successively without removal.

According to their function contact lenses are divided into three categories: corrective lenses, cosmetic lenses and therapeutic ones. A corrective contact lens is a lens designed to improve vision.

A cosmetic contact lens is designed to alter the appearance of the eye. These lenses may also improve the vision, but some blurring or obstruction of vision may occur as a result of the color or design.

These lenses are used mainly in the entertainment industry to make the eye appear agreeable, remarkable or unnatural in appearance. And last but not least therapeutic contact lenses are soft lenses that are often used in the treatment of non-refractive disorders of the eye. A bandage contact lens protects an injured or unhealthy cornea from the regular rubbing of blinking eyelids thereby permitting it to heal.

Once you have your lenses be careful how you insert and remove them and it is advisable for you to clean them on a regular basis. When wearing contact lenses cleaning and disinfecting is very important. Using contact lenses inappropriately may result in serious eye infections.

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