Adderall and its side effects

Side Effects of Adderall in Women

All medications come with side effects and Adderall is no different. A prescribed drug for individuals suffering from ADHD, the medication carries various side effects that can be both negligible and serious for the patient. For those who are currently on this medication, following are known Adderall side effects in women and whether it should be addressed immediately or not.

Weight Loss and Diarrhea

Some women actually find this side effect favorable since practically everyone could use losing a few pounds or so. Adderall is basically responsible for lack of appetite in patients which eventually leads to weight loss. Combined with the bowel movement side effects, this can become serious fast.

the side effects of Adderall in women

Libido Problems

Continuous use of Adderall can take its toll on a woman’s sex life. Specifically, they will lose interest in sex and may find it hard to reach orgasm during intercourse. Some users have actually reported the complete opposite, stating that their sex drive has increased with the use of the product. However, this is rare with most women experiencing a decrease in their libido.

Irregular Heart Rate

Abnormality in the female heart rate should be given attention as soon as it is noticed. This is a severe reaction to the drug which could escalate into something serious such as a heart attack. In cases like this, the patient will be prescribed a different drug for the condition being treated.

Vision Problems

Blurred vision, double vision or any other eyesight problems can stem from Adderall use. This can be accompanied by hallucinations and delusions in which case, immediate attention is necessary.

Allergic Reactions

Some women may develop allergic reactions to the drug. This is characterized by trouble breathing, hives, rash, fever and even urinary tract infection. If any of these show up, a visit to the doctor is necessary since the allergic reaction could quickly escalate.

Mood Swings

df  kAlthough a rare side effect, depression is a likely cause of Adderall in women. In some cases, the emotional imbalance can lead to substance abuse. These are considered to be severe side effects and should be taken seriously the first time it occurs.

 Other several side effects of the drug on women include:

  • Seizures

  • High blood pressure

  • Feeling faint

  • Hepatitis

  • Aggressive behaviorAdderall and its side effects

The Adderall side effects in women mentioned above require immediate attention from the doctor. They are the clear indicators that the patient is reacting negatively to the medication. However, there are also side effects for women that are considered mild and therefore do not need immediate attention from a physician. Some of these include:

  • Chronic sleeping problems

  • Abdominal pain

  • Nausea

  • Nervousness

  • Irritability

Any Adderall side effects in women – whether severe or not – must be told to the prescribing physician immediately. Depending on the patient’s medical history, it might be necessary for them to switch to a different medication such as adderall substitute or adjust the dosage of the drug. Note that Adderall is not the only option although it is the most effective ADHD treatment being used today.