Wine Storage Cabinets

Why Choose the Wine Storage Cabinets

Each housewife or housekeeper knows how hard it can be to find a proper place for keeping several bottles of wine in one place and bringing in order all the glasses and wine accessories! Being a wine sophisticate you will be amazed with this unique item helping you to organize a good space for bottles.

Just like bakers rack with cabinets, the wine storage cabinets are perfect in the situation of space lack, exquisite design of the interior and personal adoration of wooden furnishing elements. The cabinet performs a unit holding up to sixteen bottles of wine each in its own box. The cabinet will provide you an additional rack for up to twelve long stem glasses and a shelf for accessories. Each box provides enough space to fit in a bottle of any shape and size.Wine Storage Cabinets

The set you will receive after the order of the cabinet for storing wine requires assembling. To face no problems you should follow the detailed instructions provided together with the set. It is highly suggested to air the cabinet after you have assembled the entire unit. The surface of the cabinet is finished with rich Espresso stain which produces a sharp smell, however after airing you will not sense a token of this. Fit each rack securely and firmly and prove all pins by pushing from above.

The cabinet should be assembled firmly as it will bear the burden of heavy wine bottles each rack fitting the bottle up to 1.5l. The racks have enough space to fit the bottles of any length however they are intended to keep a normal size.
Unfortunately the back side of the cabinet for wine storage is made of thin material and is too vulnerable to the applied force. But as the cabinet is going to stand against the wall it is not a matter of disappointment.

The wine wooden cabinet performs a high quality at a reasonably low price. The rich finishing of the noble Espresso color will suit any interior and ideally complement any designer trend of the room. Before order the cabinet for wine storage, it is suggested to check the size of the item and choose a proper place for it in your kitchen or living room. It will hardly suit the bar area.

Being rather low the cabinet may serve as a working panel for mixing cocktails as you are sure to keep in the cabinet not only the wines however different spirits. Be sure to protect the upper surface and take care of the wooden surfaces. It is highly recommended to avoid direct sunlight and high humidity in the room. The unit does not require special maintenance, keep it clean of dust and use furniture polishing to keep the surface.

Note that the surface is covered with stain and sharp items may damage the finishing, however it can be easily covered with another type of stain or if you desire you can cover it with special enamel providing a nice glittering effect and additional protection for the surface of the wine cabinet.

If you make you first choice of the wine storage equipment, try to check the reviews of the customers constantly using the items of the kind. Compare the size and shape of the cabinet and make the order. Wine storage cabinets are suitable as for household so for small shops and bars. They ideally fit the interior and protect your wines from dust and heat and reach of the direct sunlight

wine storage cabinets, front sideBuy the cabinet online to save costs and get the most profitable deal and buy the high quality product at the most reasonable price!